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We will ask all our members, their friends and families, and all citizens in the district who respect the strong and efficient enforcement of our laws to cast their ballots in support of Craig DeThomasis.
— North Central Florida Chapter of the Police Benevolent Association Inc.
After careful consideration, the Fire Rescue Professionals of Alachua County would be honored to endorse you for the election of Alachua County Judge. We look forward to serving with you in this fantastic community.
— Fire Rescue Professionals of Alachua County, I.A.F.F. Local 3852
Craig is known for his professionalism, temperament, service to the community, and his respect for the law. We believe he will be an outstanding Judge.
— Communication Workers of America Local 3170
Having known Craig for over 23 years, I know that Craig has the critical qualities that we need in
a Judge. He will treat all with dignity and respect, he is a legal scholar, and has the innate ability
to assure that justice will be the cornerstone of his decision making. Think of it like this: if you
had to appear in any court, Craig would be the ideal jurist you would want to be wearing the
black robe and deciding your case. Craig has my highest recommendation for this important
— David M. Gersten, Former Chief Judge of Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal
I have known Craig for approximately 40 years. I know him personally and professionally. As a
lawyer I have litigated cases with him, and as a judge I have presided over cases he has litigated.
Craig is one of the finest lawyers I know. He works hard for his clients, he is professional and
courteous in his interactions with everyone, he is honest and fair. He has been preparing for this
position his entire legal career and will make a superb judge for the people of Alachua County.
Without reservation I urge those people to elect him.
— Larry G. Turner, Former Circuit Judge of the Eighth Judicial Circuit
I have known Craig for over 20 years. I met Craig when I started my career as an Assistant State Attorney here in Alachua County in 1996, which is when I quickly learned that Craig was one of the best, if not the best, trial attorneys in Gainesville. He is highly skilled, hard working, ethical, and has a tremendous respect for the law. I have always aspired to be as good an attorney as Craig. I am proud to call him my mentor and friend. He dedicates a tremendous amount of time to teaching aspiring lawyers how to practice law the right way and is always willing to guide and assist the young lawyers in my office. Craig has an enormous amount of courtroom experience. I have personally tried very serious felony cases with him and can attest to his work ethic, skill, professionalism, and dedication. Hands down he is the most qualified for this important position and I wholeheartedly support him. Craig will serve the people of Alachua County well.
— Stacy A. Scott, Public Defender, Eighth Judicial Circuit
I am often asked in Florida, as well as in other states where people read my books, essays, lectures, etc., to endorse candidates for political office. I generally decline doing so because I just do not know enough about politics in these places. In Alachua County, where I have lived for the past decade with my wife Sheila Payne, however, I know more than enough about the great work of Craig DeThomasis to endorse him wholeheartedly for Alachua County Judge. I know from firsthand experience that Craig understands how racism works in the legal system in Florida, and that he has dedicated his life to defeating it. We suffer from severe inequities in Alachua County. I support Craig because I believe he understands that “the system” is not fair, and that it will be his job as Alachua County Judge to work to change this.
— Dr. Paul Ortiz, Samuel Proctor Oral History Program Director at University of Florida
Craig DeThomasis is a talented trial lawyer with the judgment, temperament, and depth of
experience to serve as a County Judge for the citizens of Alachua County. County Court is the
“people’s court” where Craig’s passionate respect for the law and the rights of every citizen will
serve us well.
— Alan Parlapiano, Former Public Defender in and for the Eighth Judicial Circuit
Craig DeThomasis possesses the temperament, judgment, education, training and experience to serve with distinction as a member of the Alachua County Court and I enthusiastically support his candidacy for this important position.
— Stephen Demontmollin, Attorney, Retired
I have worked against Craig when I was a prosecutor, learned from him when I was a student at UF Law, and it is now an honor and a privilege to endorse him as a candidate for Alachua County Judge. I can think of no one more qualified, more dedicated, and more suited for the job. I know Craig will dedicate the remainder of his legal career to serving the citizens of Alachua County with honor and integrity.
— John Kelly, Attorney, Glassman & Zissimopulos
Having known Craig for over 25 years, I endorse him without hesitation. He has an extraordinary amount of experience as a trial attorney, family man, and active member of the community. Craig is a man of exceptional integrity, talent, and intellect who has also has the right temperament to make a great judge.
— Robert Warren, Attorney, Robert J. Warren, P.A.
I have known Craig for more than 17 years. He was my Trial Practice professor in law school, and is one of the primary reasons I chose to become a trial lawyer. I began my career as a prosecutor in Gainesville, and I quickly learned what all of my colleagues at the prosecutor’s office already knew — that Craig is the best of the best, incredibly skilled and knowledgeable, and a consummate professional. As a criminal defense practitioner, I have found Craig to be a wonderful mentor, never too busy to answer any question or assist however he is able. He maintains healthy senses of pragmatism and compassion, two qualities necessary to be an effective judge. He will be an outstanding judge, and it is my honor to endorse and support him.
— Joshua Silverman, Attorney, The Law Office of Silverman, Mack & Associates
I met Craig over twenty years ago, when I was a beginning trial lawyer here in Gainesville. From then until now, he is one of the most talented and effective trial lawyers I have had the pleasure to know, and I’m proud to call him my friend. The best lawyers and judges share traits of patience, common sense, humility, respect for others, reverence for the law, and a strong sense of service. Craig exemplifies all of these qualities and, by doing so, has long set a standard for other lawyers to aspire to. Given this combination of perfect judicial temperament and his incomparable amount of courtroom and teaching experience, I wholeheartedly endorse Craig for Alachua County Court Judge.
— Ben Hutson, Attorney, Hutson Law Firm, P.A.
I had the opportunity to work with Craig DeThomasis about 15 years ago after I left the State Attorney’s Office. He is a very accomplished attorney and has been a great mentor and educator to many attorneys in our community. He is an ethical and compassionate advocate for his clients who understands and believes in the role and duty of every party in the court system.
— John Whitaker, Attorney
I have known Craig for over twenty years and know him to be bright, caring, fair, and very competent. Craig listens well, has a kind demeanor, and loves the law. I am certain he will be a very fine addition to our Alachua Country Court system. I strongly endorse Craig for Alachua County Court judge and urge all my friends to vote for this fine attorney.
— Tony Domenech, Former Gainesville City Commissioner
— Nath C. Doughtie, Former Alachua County and Eighth Judicial Circuit Judge
Craig would make an excellent judge. I fully endorse him.
— Michael Correnti, Attorney, MTW Legal
I have known Craig for years and have had the pleasure of working with him in the Inns of Court. He brings exemplary legal expertise and a wonderful demeanor in all his professional endeavors and he will bring those same attributes in his service as a Judge.
— Charles Carter, Attorney
As Craig and his law firms’s CPA, he has always dealt with our office in an honest and professional manner and is very easy to work with. I strongly endorse Craig for Alachua County Court Judge and believe he will be a great Judge.
— John P. Arvin, CPA
Having known Craig DeThomasis for fifteen years, I know he will be “tough but fair” as a County Judge. Mr. DeThomasis respects the law and the men and women who enforce it, and Mr. DeThomasis respects the Constitution and the rights it guarantees to every individual. His three decades of real courtroom experience will give him the wisdom and patience he will need on the bench and will greatly reinforce our already excellent judiciary.
— James Sullivan III, Attorney
We need experienced, intelligent, and fair minded judges who will uphold the law and treat
everyone equally and fairly. Having served with Craig DeThomasis on the Eighth Judicial
Circuit’s Grievance Committee I watched Craig, who chaired the committee, treat all parties
fairly based upon the facts of the situation. When a defense attorney is endorsed by the Police
Benevolent Association, the message is clear: this man will uphold the law and treat people fairly
without prejudice. I hope you will join me and vote for Craig DeThomasis.
— Betsy Whitaker, President, Asset Management Inc.

“Craig DeThomasis will serve as a well-qualified county judge, having extensive experience as both a practitioner and teacher of the law. We endorse him over Meshon Rawls.”
— The Independent Florida Alligator
“I’m supporting Craig DeThomasis for a number of reasons. Local judges deal with the day-to-day issues that our families and friends face in the criminal justice system, and Craig is exactly who we need.”
— Robert Karl Hutchinson, Alachua County Commissioner
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